Ein Schnittstellen-Datenmodell der Variabilitšt in automatisch bewerteten Programmieraufgaben
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Garmann, Robert:
Ein Schnittstellen-Datenmodell der Variabilitšt in automatisch bewerteten Programmieraufgaben, (GERMAN)
Combined Proceedings of the Workshops of the German Software Engineering Conference 2018 (SE 2018), Ulm, Germany, March 06, 2018.

Abstract: Automatically graded, variable programming tasks put special interface requirements on auto-graders and learning management systems (LMS). To promote reuse of tasks across system boundaries, we propose that all involved systems should instantiate task templates through a middleware, while transporting variability information in an interface data model. We present such a data model, which is designed for grader-independent communication with LMS and was implemented exemplarily in the Graja auto-grader. In addition, a dialogue component for manual value selection is presented, which can be used efficiently and grader-independently, even with large value sets. We discuss the suitability of the dialogue and the data model for a typical grading scenario.

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Robert Garmann, March 8, 2018