On The Partitionability Of Hierarchical Radiosity
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Robert Garmann:
On The Partitionability Of Hierarchical Radiosity,
IEEE Parallel Visualization and Graphics Symposium (PVG) '99, Oct 25-26, 1999, San Francisco, California.

Abstract: The Hierarchical Radiosity Algorithm (HRA) is one of the most efficient sequential algorithms for physically based rendering. Unfortunately, it is hard to implement in parallel. There exist fairly efficient shared-memory implementations but things get worst in a distributed memory (DM) environment. In this paper we examine the structure of the HRA in a graph partitioning setting. Various measurements performed on the task access graph of the HRA indicate the existance of several bottlenecks in a potential DM implementation. We compare ``optimal'' partitioning results obtained by the partitioning software Metis with a trivial and a spatial partitioning algorithm, and show that the spatial partitioning copes with most of the bottlenecks well.

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A more detailed Technical Report: No. 702/1999, January 1999, pdf
Robert Garmann, June 10, 2007