MoCaRT++ - an object oriented system for Monte-Carlo image synthesis
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Robert Garmann, Robert Mencl, Georg Pietrek and PG MoCaRT++:
MoCaRT++ - an object oriented system for Monte-Carlo image synthesis,
Technical Report No. 618/1996, June 1996
Appeared in german (GERMAN) in "it+ti. Informationstechnik und Technische Informatik", no. 1/98.

Abstract: In image synthesis, one popular method for solving the rendering equation are Monte Carlo techniques. Recently, many different strategies have been developed in order to reduce the error arising from the non-deterministic nature of these algorithms. The system MoCaRT++ has been designed as a base system for Monte Carlo raytracing. The object oriented design permits extension of the system, such that new research results can be easily integrated. After a short introduction into Monte Carlo techniques and image synthesis we describe the components of MoCaRT++ and their associations between each other.

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Robert Garmann, June 10, 2007