Maintaining Dynamic Geometric Objects On Parallel Processors
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Robert Garmann:
Maintaining Dynamic Geometric Objects On Parallel Processors,
Parallel Rendering Symposium 1997, Oct 20-21 1997, Phoenix, Arizona

Abstract: Parallelizing dynamic scientific applications involves solving the dynamic load balancing problem. The balancing should take the communication requirements of the application into account. Especially in the field of computer graphics many problems are dealing with objects in k-dimensional space with very special communication patterns. We describe a load balancing strategy based on a geometric clustering of objects with provable good performance, that is well suited to applications with interdependencies between neighbouring objects or between objects that have at least one coordinate in common.

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A more detailed Technical Report No. 646/1997, May 1997 pdf

Also presented at 42. Internationales Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium, 22.-25. September 1997, Ilmenau, Germany.
Robert Garmann, June 10, 2007