Ein benutzerfreundlicher, generischer, durch Plugins erweiterbarer ProFormA-Programmieraufgaben-Editor
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Reiser, Paul; Garmann, Robert; Heine, Felix:
Ein benutzerfreundlicher, generischer, durch Plugins erweiterbarer ProFormA-Programmieraufgaben-Editor, (GERMAN)
Proceedings of the Third Workshop „Automatische Bewertung von Programmieraufgaben" (ABP 2017), 5.-6.10.2017, Potsdam.

Abstract: Programming assignments defined in the ProFormA format allow for an easy exchange between heterogeneous graders and learning management systems. The ProFormA format can be extended by foreign, grader-specific formats so that programming assignments can be evaluated across various grader systems. While editing ProFormA files with traditional tools such as generic (visual) XML editors is possible, it is neither intuitive nor especially user-friendly, and can be challenging for users that are not experienced in XML. This paper presents an editor that has been designed and created for editing programming assignments in the ProFormA format. Editing foreign formats is supported in a generic way and can be further extended by using special plug-ins that are specifically designed to improve the usability when editing these formats.

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Robert Garmann, March 8, 2018