PARILLU - Parallel simulation of global illumination

PARILLU is an acronym for Parallel simulation of global illumination. The primary goal of this project is a mapping of global illumination algorithms to parallel computers. We study the partitionability of hierarchical radiosity and the potentials of a spatial partitioner for this and other simulation methods. Furthermore we analyze the theoretically worst time complexity of a spatial partitioner.


Project Abstract


Spatial Partitioning for Parallel Hierarchical Radiosity on Distributed Memory Architectures
Robert Garmann
Third Eurographics Workshop on Parallel Graphics & Visualization, Sep 28-29, 2000, Girona (E).
On The Partitionability Of Hierarchical Radiosity
Robert Garmann
IEEE Parallel Visualization and Graphics Symposium, Oct 25-26, 1999, San Francisco, California.
Locality Preserving Load Balancing With Provably Small Overhead
Robert Garmann
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Maintaining Dynamic Geometric Objects On Parallel Processors
Robert Garmann
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A Parallel Approach To Hierarchical Radiosity
Christian-A. Bohn and Robert Garmann
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Connected Terminals   Hall scene   Connected World   Three Beethoven Statues
Robert Garmann, February 22, 2002